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Larry D. Ford's new personal CD Project, A New Day, Vol. 2, is now
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Ford Music offers extensive, hands-on musical training for the Somerset, Kentucky area, as well as providing professional compact disc production services for those who wish to offer their talents to the world. Larry D. Ford

Larry Ford, founder of Ford music, has been teaching music to students ages 4 and up for over 40 years. He has taught on the campuses of the University of Kentucky Community College system, Eastern Kentucky University, June Buchanan School - Alice Lloyd College, Cumberland College in Lebanon, Tennessee, and Roane State College in Harriman, Tennessee. He is recommended by several elementary and secondary schools as well as colleges. Most of his services are promoted through the local school system. He currently schedules lessons for about 80 - 90 students per week, and offers instruction in the following: piano, keyboard, guitar, banjo, mandolin, violin, drums, bass guitar, harmonica, clarinet, flute, sax, and trumpet. Voice (singing) lessons are also available.

pianoLarry Ford helps students progress using only the most effective teaching methods. Typically a combination of standard music notation and playing by ear produces the best results, but Mr. Ford also offers instruction in tablature as well. He combines tested, proven musical curriculum with hands-on demonstration and training for an optimal learning environment. Each lesson is recorded onto CD for reference at home. Mr. Ford also offers lessons by mail when circumstances call for it. He strongly encourages students to become involved in their churches' musical programs, and many of his students have gone on to be leaders in such programs as well as members of bands and music teachers of their own. He holds a music recital once per year.

In addition to musical training, Ford Music offers compact disc production services so guitarthat students may create albums of their own for friends or for sale. Larry Ford owns and maintains his own recording studio, and works closely with music engineers in Nashville, Tennessee for mixing and production. He has produced approximately 40 compact disc projects, consisting primarily of gospel music in a variety of styles, from Southern gospel to contemporary. He also broadcasts a weekly radio program featuring songs from these projects. This program's broadcast area covers 4 states over traditional radio, but is also streamed live over the Internet.

Currently Mr. Ford occasionally performs concerts of his own featuring all original music. He is also a band member of the new group Somerset For Christ which has just released their third album.

Larry Ford lives in Somerset, Kentucky with his wife, Linda Padgett Ford, and his dachshund, Lucy. He has two sons, John and Samuel.

For more information about CD projects, songs, or music lessons, please write to the address below. For a performance track to use as an accompaniment for singing, send $7.00 to the address below. For a printed CD of any of the projects featured on this webpage, send $10.00 to the address below.

Ford Music
P.O. Box 370
Ferguson, KY 42533

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